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Practice areas

Practice areas

I assist clients with all aspects of corporate communication and advertising. My expertise also extends to the protection of innovations and know-how.

I advise on all phases of the product cycle, including:

  • Selecting and securing trademarks and designs
  • Defending against infringements of proprietary rights
  • Maintaining existing intellectual property rights
  • Managing trademark portfolios
  • Reviewing advertising measures

Unfair Competition law / Fair trading standards and practices

I help my clients cut through the maze of competition law and industry-specific rules and regulations. I offer preventive advice in connection with the design and development of advertising and marketing campaigns. My clients can also rely on my many years of experience when it comes to enforcing or defending against claims involving fair trading standards and practices, be it in or out of court. In this practice area, I have special expertise in the following fields:

  • Medical products advertising law
  • Cosmetics law
  • Detergents and cleaning products law

Trademark law

My clients include international manufacturers of brand-name products who rely on my expertise for all their needs surrounding trademarks. My work covers the entire lifecycle of a trademark:

  • Advising on building a brand and developing trademark strategies
  • Linguistic screenings
  • Structuring the optimal IP strategy
  • Registering trademarks nationally and internationally
  • Assisting with administrative proceedings on eligibility
  • Conducting direct conflict searches
  • Managing trademark portfolios on an ongoing basis
  • Drafting licence agreements

I use the WebTMS online trademark management system, which allows my clients to access their trademark portfolios directly at any time as well.

I also handle disputes involving competing trademarks and other confusingly similar marks, offering the full range of strategic advice, both in and out-of-court.

Design law / Design patent law

This complex field of the law is full of pitfalls. I navigate my clients safely through issues involving:

  • Eligibility of products and designs for design patent protection
  • Registration of design patents
  • Protection against plagiarism and imitation
  • Drafting licence agreements

Copyright law

Creative works are subject to special protection virtually all over the world. This raises legal issues involving:

  • Distinguishing between creative and non-creative works
  • Providing preventive advice to protect against copyright infringements
  • Enforcing copyrights and neighbouring rights
  • Drafting licence agreements

Protecting know-how

Business and trade secrets such as recipes and formulae, processes and marketing strategies, are key elements to business success. I work to raise awareness of know-how protection as a compliance-relevant issue. I assist my clients in designing the optimal structure for the protection of these assets both in legal as well as strategic terms.

  • Know-how due diligence: Early and comprehensive advice and review with a view to preventing the loss of know-how, including legal, IT-related, building-specific and conduct-training measures.
  • Identifying and securing the quality of trade secrets
  • Drafting confidentiality agreements
  • Defending protected know-how both in and out of court
  • Co-operating closely with law firms specialising in commercial criminal law

Press law and rights of publicity

Die Geschwindigkeit der Verbreitung von Informationen und Meinungen über Internetmedien und sozialeNetzwerke erfordert eine besonders umsichtige Gestaltung aller Kommunikationsmaßnahmen, insbesondere in Krisensituationen. Ich stehe meinen Mandanten in folgenden Fragestellungen zur Seite:

  • Beratung zum Umgang mit Presseanfragen und zum allgemeinen Medienkontakt
  • Rechtliche Prüfung von Pressemitteilungen, speziell in kritischen Situationen
  • Juristische Durchsetzung von Gegendarstellungs- und Widerrufsansprüchen sowie Schadensersatzforderungen
  • Beratung zum Umgang mit kritischer oder die Persönlichkeitsrechte verletzender Berichterstattung in Foren und Blogs

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